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The Coil Learning Center is a learning environment for those interested in the entertainment technology field that encourages its participants in each of its programs to Lead Modestly, Teach Generously, Learn Intently; to help them discover and develop their purpose and strengthen their personal and professional growth.

By leveraging the broad knowledge and skill base of our network, the Coil Learning Center (CLC) helps participants identify opportunities to tell their story and share lessons learned in their lives and careers.

The CLC offers five programs that facilitate an environment for learning and sharing. The five CLC programs include Knowledge Speaks, Community Connects, Bootcamps, Classroom, and Apprenticeships.

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The CoiL Learning Center (CLC) aims to facilitate a creative and positive approach to your educational growth as you move away from your usual environment and daily work schedule to an enriched environment for learning.  An important focus at CLC is to ensure standards are in place to streamline every process of your learning experience, from signing up for classes to tracking your learning path. The CLC will only accept room reservations dedicated to training and learning opportunities for employees and those going through our educational programs.  

The Genius Bar, The Hub and The Lab are non-traditional physical learning environments that foster a culture of experimentation and self-directed learning.  If you’re planning a training program that is designed to educate with specific learning outcomes, then The CoiL Learning Center is the right place for your training. Please complete the CLC Room Reservation Form to request a room for your next training! All approvals are based on room availability.