Academic Internships

Our Professional Internship program is a 10-week extensive internship designed for college students pursuing a career in the Entertainment Technology industry. As an apprentice, students receive college credit and compensation while building their skills through supervised on-the-job training and classroom education. 

We offer internship opportunities in the following locations/departments:

  • Human Resources – Orlando 
  • Marketing – Orlando 
  • Accounting – Orlando 
  • Procurement and Asset Management – Orlando 
  • Information Systems – Orlando 
  • Show Technology– Orlando, Las Vegas, EventEQ-Baltimore 
  • Equipment Logistics – Orlando 
  • Lighting and Design Services– Orlando 
  • The Coil Learning Center – Orlando

Each department consists of different elements focusing on positions, procedures and operations. Participants of the program will be assigned to a specific department in the organization based on availability. They will gain practical, hands-on experience in the organization closely related to their field of study.

We are currently partnering with three local universities in our Orlando, Baltimore and Las Vegas locations.

Non-Academic Internships

In addition to an academic internship, students pursuing a non-credit internship are provided with the same opportunity for personal and professional growth in the entertainment technology field.  

CoiLUp Program

This is a 24-week training program that provides intensive classroom training and hands-on learning opportunities to recent graduates from a technical entertainment school. Our goal is to prepare them to become a Show Technician or a Technician in a similar role.

Currently the locations participating in this program are LMG-Orlando, LMG-Las Vegas, Premier Event Technology-Detroit, and EventEQ-Baltimore.